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Starbucks Is Offering Free Iced Coffee To Health Care Workers & First Responders

Tim Hortons and McDonald's have had similar offers.
Starbucks Is Offering Free Iced Coffee To Health Care Workers & First Responders
  • To thank them for their service, Starbucks is offering health care workers and first responders free iced or hot coffee.
  • McDonald's and Tim Hortons have had similar offers.

Frontline employees in emergency services or the health care system are entitled to several privileges given the risks they face and their hard work during the pandemic. Companies across the province have offered discounts and free treats to the essential workers keeping us healthy and safe. Now, Starbucks is joining in with an offer of free coffee.

Since the beginning of the crisis, the company has provided considerable support to the community through various initiatives, including donations and encouraging messages.

Now, it's possible for people overburdened by public health conditions to get a small iced coffee to refresh their day and enjoy a short break before returning to work.

Hot coffee is also available for those seeking a little extra comfort.

This promotion, offering free hot or cold coffee, is active at all Starbucks locations. Qualifying workers need only present their employee cards to confirm their identities.

Eligible individuals are primarily first responders, frontline health care providers or medical researchers.

Some customers have told Narcity Québec that several locations have offered a wider selection of free beverages for essential workers. There is no harm in checking with the nearest restaurant.

Some branches even offer delivery on Uber Eats and it's currently free so you can sip your favourite beverage at home. This promotion is also valid for anyone who wishes to order remotely.

Starbucks isn't the only popular chain to offer free coffee, either.

In recent weeks, Tim Hortons has delivered quantities of hot coffee to essential workers across Canada.

A Tim Hortons spokesperson confirmed to MTL Blog on March 27 that it had brought free drinks to dozens of local institutions, including the LaSalle Hospital, Montreal Children's Hospital, Pierrefonds Animal Hospital, and a police station, as well as Metro and IGA grocery stores and Pharmaprix.

McDonald's Canada, too, has given free medium McCafé Premium Roast Coffee and tea to health care workers at drive-thru locations across the country.

Of course, people throughout Montreal are also stepping up to give thanks to the neighbours who continue to provide for them.

Get all the details on the Starbucks offer below.

Free Coffee For Health Care Workers At Starbucks

What: Small iced coffee or medium hot coffee

Where: All Starbucks locations in Quebec

Why You Have To Go: For a little break and boost of energy while you're working hard for the sake of public health.


This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

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