Starbucks Is Opening Express Coffee Shops

To get that coffee quick.
Starbucks Is Opening Express Coffee Shops

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You can't deny Starbucks' monopoly on the mainstream coffee game, and we don't mind, since we love PSLs as much as anyone else (we're only human) but if there's one thing that irks everyone about Starbucks, it's that sometimes, the service just isn't speedy.

With a whole food menu, including sandwiches that need to be warmed up, and a long list of complex drinks that require pumps of god knows what, plus people who just can't friggin' decide what the hell they want to order, you can wait a while in a line at Sbux. Good thing the coffee mega-chain recognizes the problem, and plans to launch express stores to rectify the issue.

Starbucks made an official statement saying it aims to create new storefronts that are designed for the busy coffee addict, reports WSJ. Basically a "Starbucks light" express store, the new model will be smaller and have less items on the menu, but will include smartphone ordering and digital payment to reduce wait times.

A "Starbucks Roastery & Tasting Room" is also in the works, according to Businessweek, that will be based in Seattle, the company's hometown. Other than being a ritzy and higher scale Starbucks, the roastery will also increase the production of Sbux's Reserved coffee line.

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