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Starbucks Just Opened Their Very First Location In Milan And It Looks Like A Roman Cathedral (Photos)

It's no secret that Starbucks has quite the abundance of locations across the world. Depending on what city you're going to, the store is completely redesigned to match the other architecture present.

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Going to one of these coffee shops on the other side of the world will seriously have you realizing what you're missing out on. Some of these stores look fit for royalty! Compared to most of our Canadian locations that are fairly simple in design.

That's why we're completely in awe over Starbucks' brand new location in Milan, Italy. The unique coffee shop is the first of it's kind in the country. Fitted with Tuscan marble and historical architecture, the 2,300 square metre café is extraodinarily larger than any location you've ever been to in Canada.

Needless to say, it definitely looks like a classic Roman Cathedral.

As if it couldn't get any better, the Starbucks is actually right next to the famous Milan cathedral, so maybe the comparison isn't that far off!

Via Starbucks Reserve

The location offers some pretty massive perks, considering it's a roastery and not just your regular coffee stop. Over 115 drinks are on the menu as well as an affogato station (get yourself some incredible nitrogen-infused gelato) and an on-site bakery. 

Via Starbucks Reserve

Although us Canadians are probably begging for one of these limited-edition Starbucks, Italians are giving it a pretty cold shoulder. 

The country is considered the home of the best coffee in the world. Cobblestone streets riddled with small little cafés owned by an Italian Nonno and his family is traditional. So you can imagine that adding this massive Starbucks to the heart of Milan may cause a bit of chaos with the locals.

Considering the changes the brand has already made to their Milan shop to help it fit into the scenery, there is hope that they will pay their respects to Italy's vibrant coffee culture.

@daniela.caranoembedded via  

If the country doesn't end up accepting the shop into their community then there's no doubt that Canada would be down for a relocation of the roastery to one of our bustling cities. It would definitely not go unappreciated!


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