Starbucks New Latte Tastes Like It Has Alcohol And People Are Freaking Out

Highly questionable.
Starbucks New Latte Tastes Like It Has Alcohol And People Are Freaking Out

Starbucks fans everywhere are going crazy: the official holiday cups are out and they're more "christmassy" than ever.

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TL;DR Starbuck's brand new Juniper Latte is receiving mixed reviews because of its odd blend of pine-fresh and botanical aroma which strongly resembles the taste of gin.

Of course, true to the 2018 spirit debate rages on regarding how Christmas-themed these holiday cups should really be without offending anyone. Afterall, Christmas is not the only holiday celebrated in December, right?

Whatever camp you find yourself in, though, we can all agree that what is INSIDE the cup is what really matters.

Starbucks signature holiday lattes are finally here!

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All these delicious flavor are now available for you to sip and sample: caramel brulee latte, toasted white chocolate mocha, chestnut praline latte, peppermint mocha, and brand new Juniper latte.

The Juniper Latte really stood out because it's a totally new holiday flavor introduced by Starbucks this year.

Let's get straight to the point. The verdict is mixed.

Many of those who sampled it remark a strong taste resemblance to gin.

This makes a lot of sense because gin generally has a strong botanical flavor which comes from juniper berries.

Although Starbuck's official description of the latte describes the taste of juniper syrup as having "a light, pine-like flavor with delightful citrus undertones."

My morning coffee tastes like booze, how delightful!

From first hand experience of trying it myself, I can tell you that it does in fact possess a distinct botanical odor and vague pine-fresh taste.

The signature bitterness of coffee and sweetness of whole milk doesn't really pair with pine freshness. Honestly, it's bizarre.

We can only wait to see what the rest of the internet has to say over the holiday, and only time will tell if the Juniper Latte is here to stay for the holidays.

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