Starbucks To Launch App That Lets You Pre-Order Your Coffee

Waiting for your morning coffee is never a good look.
Starbucks To Launch App That Lets You Pre-Order Your Coffee

Photo cred - Joe Raedle for Starbucks

A long line at a coffee shop is like seeing a long line to the washroom when you need to go. It always ends up alright, but the time before caffeine/urinating is pure hell. Coffee mega-chain Starbucks may have the answer, with an app that lets you pre-order your brew before you even walk in.

The app, reports Recode, will let caffeine-craved customers order their triple-tall-soy latte with a shot of hazelnut well before they arrive, ensuring the drink is good to go as soon as they walk through the door. Goodbye wait-times.

Starbuck's pre-order app will go into a localized testing phase in a few months, and chief digital officer Adam Brotman assures this isn't an experiment, and the app will definitely have a wide-release sooner or later. Starbucks just wants to "get things down to a science" first.

To make your life even easier, Sbux is talking to other partners about integrating a payment option in the app, making the coffee shop itself just a pick-up station. Less face-time with overly happy Starbucks people is fine with me.

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