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State Of Emergency: Massive Flooding In Quebec Forces Evacuations (Photos)

The city of Beauceville and surrounding areas are affected.
State Of Emergency: Massive Flooding In Quebec Forces Evacuations (Photos)

Beauceville, a town located about 75 km south of Quebec City, began flooding this morning. A large ice jam under a nearby bridge gave out at around 6 a.m. this morning, flooding a road along with many buildings.

Rescue operations are currently ongoing. Impressive footage of the flooding from local residents shows the extent of the damage. Officials have not seen water levels this high in over 25 years.

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TL;DR The Quebec town of Beauceville is trying to limit the flood damage that occurred when an ice jam gave out this morning.

Quebec has struggled with flooding in recent years. Officials have warned that as temperatures continue to rise, flooding will become more commonplace. You can look at the government of Quebec's website for more information on how to deal with a flood.

Firefighters have had to use heavy equipment with platforms as well as inflatable rafts in places where the water levels are too high.

Officials say that the river has been under close watch for the last two days. Water levels have not been this high since 1991.

Matters were further complicated by a gas leak which led to power cuts for over a third of the population. The city has officially declared a state of emergency.

The city is truly a terrible sight today:

Some residents are choosing to view this situation with humour, mourning the death of their favourite Subway's:

Emergency personnel are working extremely hard to restore power and rescue residents. We will update this story as more details become available.

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