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Stay Away From Oasis Juiceboxes Montreal, You'll Find A Mouldy Surprise!

Don't trust juice in boxes. That's the harsh lesson four year old Azia Iannantuono learned after she drank from her Oasis juicebox, only to find a bunch of mouldy green shit in the bottom of the box.

The distributing company for the Oasis orange juice is Lassonde Industries, based in Rougemont, Quebec. Lassonde stamped the case of juice boxes with an expiration date of May 5, 2014. Obviousley they were WAY off.

A spokesperson from Lassonde told CBC, after testing a sample from the same batch, that the juice was 'fine.' Tell that to the little girl who had to ingest the nasty unknown infection in her juice.

Experts from McGill University have said Lassonde is at fault, and not the distributor. An inspector will be sent from the Quebec Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food MAPAQ) to officially find out.

Until then, be wary of your juice boxes people. See some of the disgusting images below for more incentive to avoid the sweet stuff.


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