Stephen Harper Ranked #1 Worst 'Climate Villain' In The World

You just gotta love how bad Canada's Prime Minister makes the country look.
Stephen Harper Ranked #1 Worst 'Climate Villain' In The World

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Canada is a nation praised for many things. Multiculturalism, health care, progressive citizens, and more are all good points of the nation, which make up for some of the nation's not-so-positive features. One example is Canada's rate of pollution, as Canada has been ranked one of the world's worst countries for climate change performance, with Prime Minister Stephen Harper largely blamed.

"The Climate Change Performance Index," a report published yearly by Germanwatch and Climate Action Network Europe, which ranks countries based on several factors including emission levels and climate policy, has given Canada the very poor ranking of number 58 in the world. Canada was also named one of the world's top ten CO2 emitters.

To blame, according to New Republic, is Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Along with Australia's PM Tony Abbott, Harper has been named one of "the "earth's worst climate villains," with his short-sighted views on climate control, and choosing for immediate economic gain rather than long-term environmental stability, on the main inspirations for the moniker.

The authors of The Climate Change Performance Index are inclined to agree. According to the report, Canada has shown no desire to improve its police on climate control and is the "the worst performer of all industrialized nations" for that reason.

Federal elections are  set for a year from now, so if you want a more environmentally friendly nation, maybe Harper isn't your best option.

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