Everything You Need To Know About The STM Adding 30 All-New AZUR Metro Trains In 2017

Big changes are coming to the city's underground network.
Everything You Need To Know About The STM Adding 30 All-New AZUR Metro Trains In 2017

Last week, the STM announced many new plans to improve service in 2017 and people couldn't be happier.

Mainly because they also pledged that they wouldn't be raising their fees in 2017.


But there's another announcement that's sure to make public transit user extra happy.

The STM will have 30 AZUR trains in total running throughout the system by the end of 2017.

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Currently there are 10 AZUR trains with another being added at the end of this month, and 1 more by the end of 2016. 18 more will be added in 2017 for a total of 30 trains.

As if that wasn't awesome enough, they are also deploying the iBus system which will allow live tracking of every bus in the city.

And just this morning, the STM pledged to keep guaranteed 10 minute bus intervals running all day long instead of just during rush hour.

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Back in November, the STM released their budget highlights for 2017 and it included about 15 major changes.

These included increasing the amount of buses on the road, adding GPS tracking to give real-time updates, and installing display screens at every bus stop. 

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Back in January, the STM announced that they were removing the much beloved AZUR trains from the metro system. 

The trains were removed because of a problem caused by of a piece on the bottom of the train was coming into contact with signaling equipment on the track.

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Pretty much every new bus on the road is now equiped with information screens that tell you what the next stop is.

But now some even more practical screens are being installed on bus shelters and bus stops. 

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The big news story this morning, was about yesterday's major metro shutdown.

At first, the orange line went down, and the STM announced the service would be reestablished within 45 minutes. Only it ended up taking half a day to get it running again.

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