STM Buses Are Getting Stranded All Over The City After Montreal's Massive Snowstorm (Videos)

"Livin' on a prayer" is right... these buses can't even right now.
STM Buses Are Getting Stranded All Over The City After Montreal's Massive Snowstorm (Videos)

While most of Montreal is safely making its way through the city with winter tires, we all know the STM Buses in Montreal don't have winter tires.

And the lack of proper traction is really starting to show. Buses across the city are getting stuck, some even requiring help from front loader trucks that are out around the city trying to clear snow.

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TL;DR Without winter tires and with all that snow out there, the STM is having a hard time keeping the buses moving today. Consider the metro if you've got somewhere to go... and if you don't and you've got an extra shovel... maybe help them out?

To be honest, my heart goes out to the STM workers on days like today. 

While many of us get to cozy up in bed, snuggling into our blissful ignorance of the mess of snow around us, they have to get up and get the city moving.

@CTVMontreal@CTVNews Currently in Montreal. When a bus gets stuck in the snow. Does the STM have proper tires?

February 13, 2019

It's truly a testament to the idea that "it takes a village," and these guys are obviously doing their best with what's been handed to them...

As it says on the back of the bus above... we're really livin' on a prayer over here.

STM workers spent A LONG TIME trying to dig this bus out of a snow bank at the Cote Vertu terminal. Did they succeed? Keep an eye on @CBCMontreal to find out!

February 13, 2019

And the "doing the best with what they're given" is an understatement when you consider that one of the men above is literally using a bucket to try and dig out that bus!!!

Clearly, this has been an issue all day, and I'm sure the roads were even worse this morning before the plows had a chance to really get out there and clear the snow.

@dwimcityembedded via  

This video shows that the struggle was real early this morning and if you've been out today you know not much has changed. 

We are keeping our eyes and ears open to any issues out there, so send us any videos you have of the snowpocalypse as it unfolds. 

Plus, you can see more insane videos from across the city on the MTL Blog Instagram page. 

Stay safe out there, Montreal! Go slow if you're driving and wait for the light if you're walking. It's all snow and games until sometime gets hurt.

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