STM Buses Do Not Have Winter Tires On

Technically, they never will.
STM Buses Do Not Have Winter Tires On

Tomorrow is the across-Quebec deadline to put winter tires onto your car. Unless you’re driving an STM bus, because the winter tire deadline apparently doesn’t apply. 

STM buses never actually use winter tires. Rather than slap on winter tires, the STM goes through a yearly “retreading” process in November, where standard tires are modified to increase traction. 

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New tires are placed on the front of the bus and retreaded tires are put on the rear, “a homemade recipe” that is apparently quite effective, a spokesperson for the STM said to CTV News

According to the STM, buses don’t need to have winter tires because “certified winter tires” aren’t available.

But after seeing what happened this past week, when multiple buses slipped and slid on Montreal roads, blocking up traffic, one could call the STM’s winter tire operation into question. 

One articulated bus (the one’s that look like an accordion) got completely stuck along Cote des Neiges.

#STM bus 165 jackknives on Côte-des-Neiges Blvd.  Driver tells Global News street wasn’t salted. #polmtl

December 12, 2017

That was “a normal day for the STM,” however. The massive traffic problem caused by the jackknifed bus was attributed to the busy nature of Cote-des-Neiges, as the accident caused a butterfly effect of traffic woes. 

The amount of traffic incidents following the latest snow storm (of which there were 12) are described as completely "normal" by the STM.