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STM Forgot To Put Winter Tires On Buses Today Forcing 23 Bus Lines To Not Be Serviced

This morning, like many Montrealers, I was waiting for a bus that never showed up.

I could see the bus in the distance, actually I could see several. But they were all stopped and they were dumping all their passengers on the side of the road.

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As I stood in there waiting, an army of stranded commuters walked passed me and they each told me the same thing: "Buses aren't coming, they're all stuck on Park."

I figured maybe this was just a downtown problem, but it turns out a lot of buses are getting stuck this morning.

Funny, because only a few hours ago the STM was actaully bragging about how their buses all have winter tires

But if that was the case, then they wouldn't be so screwed by a few centimeters of snow. And after waiting another 15 minutes outside, one of the buses finally drove by. It was packed, it didn't stop and it definitely did not have winter tires because it was sliding all over the place. Something fishy's going on here. I guess that's why they put that winky face in the title

Just click on the comment section of that post to see how many people were affected by the delays this morning.

And don't even get me started on the metro, I already covered that earlier:

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Regardless of the winter tires, the real problem with the STM this morning is actually the drivers.

There are posts all over Facebook, Reddit and Twitter just like this one claiming that the buses don't have winter tires, or that they simply aren't showing up.

Anyone else have anything odd happen to them this morning? I almost wonder if the STM decided to have a stealth strike and all the employees had previously agreed to not show up to work on the day of the first snow fall.

Well, it isn't a strike, but there are a bunch of drivers who just decided to skip work this morning. So on top of all the shit we have to deal with, some of the buses haven't even hit the road at all  because of some maintenance dispute.

So if your bus didn't show up this morning, it might not have even been because of the snow.

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