The STM Is Finally Doing Something About The Never-Ending Lines

Making the 1st of the month a little less painful.
The STM Is Finally Doing Something About The Never-Ending Lines

Photo cred - alanah.montreal

If you were anywhere near a metro station yesterday (*cough Vendome), you are well aware of the deluge of grumpy STM users crammed around ticket machines and turnstile in the quest to renew their monthly OPUS pass. To make things even worse, it was a ridiculously cold Monday morning in arguably the worst month of the year.

So on top of being forced to stand in line for upwards of 20+ minutes, making us all late for work, particularly busy metro stations were turned into frenzied free-for-alls as busy commuters desperately tried to keep their cool a midst what is a recurring and enraging nuissance.

The STM apparently finally noticed this issue and have decided to add an extra initiative to help ease the monthly congestion. On top of the 1-day grace period one already has on an OPUS card, and the ability to purchase your pass as early as the 20th of the month (which no one does), STM is looking to now allow users to recharge their OPUS card on any day of the month, according to La Presse. The only catch being, you would then only be able to renew on that same date the following month.

Other options include buying your pass from some 400 other points of sale in the city, and you will soon be able to renew online.

That said, we have an inkling that Montrealers are not prepared to be quite that proactive when it comes to public transportation, and expect to see yet another clusterfuck at a metro near you next month.


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