STM Is Giving Away Free Phone Straps To Everyone In Montreal

...because apparently metro riders need dummy-strings!
STM Is Giving Away Free Phone Straps To Everyone In Montreal

Montreal's STM has rolled out an awareness campaign for locals. 

The STM Metro system has seen increased of delays due to people going down onto the tracks to collect fallen items. 

The number of delays has spiked every year, and sometimes its technical problems, other times it's all thanks to the public. Metro related problems have spiked over 2016 and 2017.

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Over 130 people walked onto the tracks last year, alone, often to pick up a dropped item, most of which is their cell phone. 

Well, the good folks at STM are here for you, Montreal! 

As part of their awareness campaign, STM will be handing out dummy strings velcro straps at various stations throughout the metro network. 

The straps are made to loop around your phone case, and hand - providing you extra security from your butterfingers. 

STM helping commuters keep ahold of their phones

March 15, 2018

Still, STM advises riders to call an STM employee if/when something falls onto the tracks! Crews will also collect fallen items overnight that can be picked up the following day.

Don't be foolish and screw up someone else's daily commute.

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