The STM Is Now Giving Out FREE Metro & Bus Passes

Getting around Montreal has officially become easier (well, at least more affordable) thanks to the combined efforts of the STM and AMT, who are pretty much giving any and everyone in the Montreal-area two free public transit fares.

The promotion, aptly named "2 titres gratuits," endows you with two free passes that will allow you to ride on any bus, metro, or train in the Montreal metropolitan region. All you need to do is fill out a pretty simple form/questionnaire, and the tickets will be mailed directly to your house.

Note that there is a limit to how many times you can receive free passes. A single person can only fill out the form once and any given address is limited to two submissions, so don't get hopeful that you can scam your way into free bus and metro passes all year long.

Overall, the process is pretty simple, and filling out a brief form isn't a lot to ask for on the STM/AMT's part. The whole promotion is described in the image below, but for those hankering to get their hands on some free public transit fares right away, you can head to the AMT's ""2 titres gratuits" page here.

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