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STM Metro Driver Spotted Sleeping On The Job

Working hard or hardly working?
STM Metro Driver Spotted Sleeping On The Job

It's something of a mystery among Montrealers as to what an STM metro driver does exactly. I mean, they're not physically directing the metro trains themselves, so many assume their job is pretty relaxed and breezy.

Of course, most of us aren't privy to the workplace struggles of an metro driver, so we can't really know how difficult the job really is. And given how hectic the metro network can be, their job is probably harder than we all think.

Unfortunately, this recently-taken photo of an STM metro driver isn't going to help things. Take a look at the picture taken by a Montrealer riding the Orange Line below, and yes, that is an STM driver straight-up sleeping inside of a metro train.

Sinon @STM_Orange et @stminfo ça bosse des fois ou ça dort comme ça tous les matins ?

— JC (@PlugnGeek) May 20, 2016

Snapped on May 20th, the STM employee wasn't driving the metro train (thank goodness), he was taking a snooze at the back-end of the train. Still, he was definitely sleeping while at work, which isn't okay in any context.

Equally hilarious, shocking, and troubling, the photo doesn't exactly shine the best of light on STM employees. The STM itself isn't taking it all that well either, having launched an internal investigation into the event, reports CBC.

You can even see from the comments on the original tweet how the STM took action in getting details on the picture, which at least shows that the public transit organization as a whole has a tad bit more initiative than the worker in the photo.

To be fair, though, apparently STM drivers are entirely allowed to sit at the back of the train if they need to get somewhere, but they aren't permitted to take a break there. Taking a nap is taking things to another level.

So what caused the impromptu nap? No one really knows right now. Maybe the guy just had a huge turkey sandwich for lunch, or was up all night raving the night prior. Or, as is perhaps even more troubling, this is simply this employee's routine, because if you're napping at work, you've probably done it a few times before.

Well, at least he wasn't smoking in the train like some other STM employees, right?

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