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What Montreal's Mont-Royal Metro Station Will Look Like In 2020

One of Montreal's most oft-used metro stations, Mont-Royal, which sees 5 million people pass through its doors every year, is getting a serious makeover. But you already knew that, of course, because we told you about it three weeks ago, and obviously you read and remember everything we post.

Anyways, questions of readership-loyalty aside, even though the news that Mont-Royal metro is getting a facelift isn't exactly breaking, the STM has released images of the design concept, thus giving us a glimpse into what the Plateau STM station will look like once the redevelopment is done.

Using a design that "focuses on light and transparency," as iterated in an STM press release, Mont-Royal metro will become a "a clear, bright building that offers a pleasant experience, while having a recognizable identity through its clean and simple shape."

Green space plays a fairly large role in the redevelopment project, as one can note by the grassy areas surrounding the metro and the station's grass-covered roof. One can also expect more changes to the place Gérald-Godin area after the project is over, as the revamp is meant to herald future installations.

Not simply an exterior redesign, Mont-Royal station will also see a transformation on the inside. Most notable among the changes to the metro station's interior is the addition of two new elevators, thus making Mont-Royal far more accessible to Montrealers with a physical disability.

To adorn the inside of the metro the STM will be holding a competition next June in which Montrealers will be asked to submit a work of art. The submitted art will then be chosen by a panel of judges, with more details to come.

Overall, the redevelopment of Mont-Royal station will cost around $20 million, with construction slated to last two full years; work will begin on January of 2018 and the project is expected to be completed by April 2020. The metro station will remain open throughout the construction period.

We obviously have a while to wait before Mont-Royal metro is beautified by this new design plan, but we can hold ourselves over by checking out the concept images below.

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