It's Official, You Can Now Get On Through The Back Door On STM Buses

All aboard.
It's Official, You Can Now Get On Through The Back Door On STM Buses

Back in February we announced that the STM was gearing up to allow passengers to board buses via the back (aka middle) door, and now we're happy to say that the practice is underway.

Starting today and until June 19th of this summer, the STM is officially allowing riders to get onto buses using both the front and rear doors. But there's a bit more to it than that.

Only one bus line will be part of the back-door pilot project, the 121–Sauvé/Côte-Vertu line. Certain times have been designated for back-door-boarding on the 121 as well, specifically 5:30am to 7pm every day of the week.

In the words of the STM, the new pilot project will be a means of "improving the transit experience for customers."

Allowing riders to get on an oft-used bus line like the 121 through the back door will no doubt alleviate boarding-congestion, but don't think it'll mean you can get free bus rides.

Only those with paid-for unlimited passes will be allowed to board through the back (which is likely a majority of 121-users) but the entire process will be controlled by the "honour system." To keep folks honourable, however, "STM security and control inspectors will be visibly present" throughout the pilot project.

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