30 STM Problems Only Montrealers Will Understand


Anyone who grew up in Montreal knows that it is truly a one of a kind city. There may be some struggles we all face, but all those negatives don’t trump over the positives. However, it is pretty funny to laugh at all the Montreal problems we experience especially the #stmproblems. So, I have compiled this article to share with you all the #stmproblems we all know too well!

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On Twitter and Instagram, you can actually search the hashtag #stmproblems and laugh at how true all these problems are and how relatable these tweets can be! So, here are 25 problems that all Montrealer’s share on the STM according to #stmproblems!

Metro was down #montrealmetro #metro #stm #stmproblems #dark

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You had one job.... / T'avais qu'une chose à faire... ? #mtlprobz #montrealproblems #stmproblems #goodjob

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Every time! / A cheque fois! ? Shoutout to Montreal Memes! #montrealproblems #mtlprobz #montreal #514 #stmproblems #stm

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STORY. OF. MY. LIFE. #Storyofmylife #hardtimes #stmproblems

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