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STM Selling Old Metro Cars For $750

Imagine the possibilities.
STM Selling Old Metro Cars For $750

Have you ever dreamed of owning one of those yellow school-buses?Maybe even turning it into a micro-home?

Well you can forget about that dream because I'm about to replace it with a much better one.

The STM are actually selling their old Metro Wagons! And if you thought owning one of these was out of reach, think again. They're being sold for only $750! The only catch is you have to figure out how to get it delivered on your own...

That's like the price of a garden shed. Although having one of these in your backyard looks a lot cooler than some boring old shed (even if you just end stashing your old bikes and fishing rods in there).

Plus as a bonus, you get to own a little piece of Montreal history. 

You can bid on the metro cars until June 1st.

Click here for more information or to place your bid.

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