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STM To Reduce Service On Many Bus Routes This Summer

Budget cuts means longer wait times.
STM To Reduce Service On Many Bus Routes This Summer

Photo cred - Gerard Donnelly

To cut $65 million in its budget, the STM will be reducing service on various bus routes during off-peak hours by this June. Get ready to wait a little longer for the bus Montreal.

Apparently these routes won't be hit as hard as the 747 airport shuttle, which went down 19% last month.

Overall, bus routes will be reduced by 3.1%. Here's the lowdown on what will be affected:

  • Frequency will be reduced only during off-peak hours
  • All routes in the 10-Minute Max network will not be affected
  • The 747 will not be reduced any further (thank God)
  • Metro services will remain the same (again, thank God)

According to STM vice-chair Marvin Rotrand, as reported in the Gazette, the 3.1% will be a "theoretical cut." Montrealers will only need to wait a few seconds longer for a bus, which when added up among all the routes, will make up the 3.1% reduction.

Let's hope Rotrand is speaking the truth, and not just giving false promises to make people less pissed. At least the cuts will happen in June, when waiting for the bus a little longer won't be so horrible.

What do you think of the STM bus service cuts?

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