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STM Warning: Hundreds Of Montreal Buses And Metros Will Be Cancelled

It's only getting worse.
STM Warning: Hundreds Of Montreal Buses And Metros Will Be Cancelled

You guys remember that "fun" little strike the STM maintenance workers had a few weeks ago?

Chances are you didn't notice it while it was happening, since it only affected overtime hours. But now that some time has passed we are really starting to feel the impact of that strike.

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You've definitely noticed that buses have been showing up late, the metros are constantly breaking down, schedules aren't very accurate, and the only way to guarantee you'll catch your bus is to follow it live on the bus tracking map.

Why is this happening now?

Buses regularly have to be taken off the reads for maintenance. But since the maintenance workers were on strike, those buses were not put back on the roads as quickly as they normally would.

This resulted in a smaller fleet of buses to fulfill the same demand, which means that each bus reached their 20,000-km maintenance mark sooner.

So basically every week there are fewer and fewer buses on the roads and the problem keeps getting worse.

Within a week after the strike, the STM has had to cancel at least 513 hours of bus service! Today that number is estimated to be in closer to 3,000.

Althought the metro was not initially affected, breakdowns and major delays (up to 20 minutes) have become more frequent in the last two weeks.

If you havent ben affected yet, chances are you will in the coming weeks, so be prepared and plan ahead!


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