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Stranger Things Season 3 Is Officially Here And Everyone Is Freaking Out

This is not a drill people: after a year and a half of being on hiatus, Stranger Things is back. The show promises action, thrills, romance and so much more in what is definitely going to be the most bingeable show on Netflix this summer.

The plot for the latest season picks up a little after season 2. According to Netflix, "summer brings a new and budding romance. But the mood shifts when Dustin's radio picks up a Russian broadcast, and Will senses that something is wrong." 

People are already all over the new season. Many, like me, stayed up to watch the first few episodes, and are dishing their (spoiler-free) thoughts already.

With over a year between seasons, it is easy to forget what had previously happened. But the show does a good job of catching you up in the first episode.

Luckily, the wait was worth it: viewers now have eight episodes to watch. The last episode is an hour and fifteen minutes long, meaning that viewers are in for a treat.

The show is full of summer-themed fun: just look at these colourful looks.

And we thought the eighties looks were good in previous seasons... Clearly, the dream of the 80s is alive in Stranger Things.

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Side note: these kids are all fashion icons and I would like to steal everything in their wardrobes.

Oh, and if your heart melted during the season two finale, you'll be happy to know that the Dustin and Steve friendship is still very much alive.

Some very impatient people have apparently already finished the season: for context, that's over 7 hours of straight television. 

Not that I'm judging per se, but... are they ok?

There are so many wonderful friendships that form this season, and it's really sweet to see the characters bond.

Oh, and there's some adorable romance. Here's a TINY spoiler without context:

So, enjoy the next season because it really is a wonderful, scary, thrilling, heart-wrenching ride. And remember: don't be a douche and don't spoil.

Happy binging Montreal!

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