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Stromae's Stunt At Place-des-Arts This Friday

You could be in the next Stromae video.
Stromae's Stunt At Place-des-Arts This Friday

Word in the twittersphere is that Stromae will be performing a “stunt” this Friday, October 4 at Place-des-Arts at 12h30. The reports appear to be unconfirmed by the Facebook page created for the event or by Stromae himself. According to Twitter, the dress code for the stunt is pink, green, and purple for his song "Tous les mêmes."

The artist is known to pull these sorts of “stunts,” the last one in his native Belgium. There Stromae appeared in downtown Brussels seemingly the morning. Footage of the “stunt,” taken by hidden cameras, appeared in the new music video for the song “Formidable,” off his new album Racine Carrée. You can guess the stunt this Friday will crop up in his next video.

For more updates on Stromae’s stunt, you can follow #stromaemtl.

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