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21 Struggles You Lived If You Grew Up With An Older Sister

You'll definitely 'relate' to these.
21 Struggles You Lived If You Grew Up With An Older Sister

For all the sisters out there, I'm sure that you can all relate to these struggles (especially you younger sisters). A sister relationship is a special bond that no one can break, but that doesn't mean that there aren't any bumps in the rode. Speaking on a personal level, I can 100% relate to all the struggles of having an older sister since I myself of a sister who is 5 years older than me.

These struggles are both serious and funny so, I suggest sitting down with that sister of yours and spending some bonding time reading this list and reminiscing about the struggles you can relate to. We can all say that we've had the stupidest fights over the last chocolate almond, but we can always say that your older sister is your BFF who helped pave the way for you (and trust me they won't let you forget that).

Hopefully this article creates some laughs between you and your sister as opposed to creating more fights! And if you are currently in a fight with your sister, then sharing this article with her is a good place to loosen some tension. So sit back with your sister, a bag of chips, and check out the list below for a "OMG that's so true!" moment.

The Struggle Of Borrowing Her Clothes

When you have an older sister, it is a constant struggle to borrow their clothes. Borrowing clothes doesn't come cheap especially if she caught you "borrowing" something without her permission. Personally, my sister actually locks her closest because she found me taking her things. So now, borrowing clothes usually involves begging, trading clothes with one another, and even money!

The Struggle Of Arguing Over The Little Things

Oh yes, we sisters know how to argue over the little things to a T! These fights range from fighting over who took the last banana to who has to empty the dishwasher. These fights can range over days to minutes depending on your relationship with your sister. My two favorite fights with sister have been who gets to eat the last chocolate almond and who gets to wrap my dads Christmas presents... Comment some of yours!

The Struggle Of Making Up 2 Minutes Later... Sometimes

Usually after a stupid fight, you and your sister will usually make up within 5 minutes however, sometimes you don't. Some sisters can go weeks without talking to one another and others can't go 2 minutes without talking! But the perk of having an older sister is that she usually forgives first.

The Struggle Of Asking Her For Her ID

When you are the younger sister, there is a constant struggle of asking for your sister's ID when you aren't legal yet. The first time you ask, she is going to harass you with 1000000 questions and you have to promise 100 times that you won't lose it! Then every time after she is going to get annoyed especially if it's super last minute and she isn't home. You might even have to bribe her to get it!

The Struggle Of Always Getting Her Hand-Me-Downs

As you are growing up, it is very rare for a younger sibling to not get their older sisters hand-me-downs. At first this is the biggest struggle! I remember just wanting my own clothes that were new but when you are really young it didn't matter. But the truth is, now I love when my sister gives me her old things.

The Struggle Of Having To Wait A specific Age For Something Since She Only Got It Then

Ah yes, the unfair struggle of having to wait until a certain age for let's say a phone just because your sister was that age. Well, times change and sometimes this is reasonable but let's be honest, it really isn't sometimes. I remember waiting the longest time to get Facebook because my sister only got it when she was 15 which was her choice.

The Struggle Of Her Eating All Your Food

Since you are the younger sister, you understand the constant struggle of bringing home food and then having your older sister take it early in the morning before work. But hey, let's be real, we all do the same thing to her!

The Struggle Of Her Being Over Protective

Every younger sister understands the struggle of having that over protective older sister. This is a a gift and a struggle since you know that someone will always have your back but sometimes your older sister might go a bit over board. I mean like she might literally bite someones head off for you.

The Struggle Of Her Asking More Questions Than Your Parents

When you have an older sister, you know that they will ask you 100000 questions about where you are going and who you are going to be with. The worst happens to be when you say you are going on a date! Before you go, you get asked a load tone of questions and then when you get back she will ask a thousand more.

The Struggle Of Her Acting Like A Third Parent

Your older sister will definitely try to manage your life as a third parent sometimes but she will usually have the best intentions at heart... USUALLY. Sometimes she will play the bad parent and other times the good one so let's just pray it's more often the good one!

The Struggle Of Her Saying "I'm Older, I Know More"

Ah yes, for my dear sister out there I would just like to say that age is JUST a number! Yes you older sisters may have lived longer but we younger sisters have learn't from your mistakes so watch out!

The Struggle Of Her Always Embarrassing You

Your older sister will never ever give up a chance to embarrass you especially in front of your friends. I still remember when I called my boyfriend in the bathroom when I was first dating him and she screamed that I was "taking a dump" when I really wasn't but I was so embarrassed! Feel free to share how your older sister embarrassed you.

The Struggle Of Always Having To Sit In The Back Seat

When you are the younger sister you will ALWAYS sit in the back seat of a car no questions asked. This is like an unwritten sister rule. Once you get to an age where you want to sit in the front seat you guys will constantly fight and call "shot gone" every time you leave the house.

The Not So Struggle Of Learning From Their Mistakes

Ah yes, the only good thing about having an older sister is learning from their mistakes. It is very simple to never get yelled at since you will just learn from your sisters mistakes. I mean I remember growing up and my mom blasting my sister and I was just thinking to myself I will never let that happen to me.

The Struggle Of Having Her As Your Babysitter

Since you have an older sister, there is absolutely no reason to have a babysitter (or so your parents thought). Your older sister will literally torment you! I will never forget my sister holding my toutous outside the window and threatening to drop them as I cried bloody murder! Afterwards, she would then invite her friends over who thought you were so cute but your sister persisted to them that you were a devil child.

The Struggle Of You Being Her Make Over Experiment

Ah yes, as your older sister goes through her teenage years you will become her personal model/manic-an. She will put crazy make up on you and dress you in the most ridiculous things.

The Struggle Of Always Being Player #2

If you and your sister ever happen to be playing video games, you will almost always be second player whether you are playing Super Smash Brothers or Mario Kart. Don't get your hopes up.

The Struggle Of Having To Share A Bedroom

I'm so grateful that I don't have to share a room with my sister anymore because growing up sharing rooms was absolutely the worst especially if you have a large age difference. You will constantly want to play with your sister while she will want to be left alone with her friends. Your things get constantly messed up and let's be honest, that isn't fun.

The Struggle Of Living In Her Shadow If You Went To The Same School

If you went to your sisters school, the teachers will definitely already know you and will automatically call you her name. Not only will they call you her name, they will also expect a lot from you if she was valedictorian or a rebel. But hey, let's be honest, we can always live up to those expectations.

The Struggle Of Having A Sister That Is Also Your BFF

The happy struggle of having a sister is that she is usually one of your BFFs. Not only is your older sister someone you look up too, but she is also someone who is always there for you. Your friendship is something that will last forever.

The Struggle Of Never Having Baby Pictures

Since you are the second child after your older sister, you understand the fact that you do have baby pictures but they just aren't in albums. The first child is always the one with the most pictures so don't get disappointing it's completely normal and you aren't alone.

The Struggle Of Being Told You Were Adopted

Since you didn't have any baby albums, your older sister will try to convince you that you were adopted. This is a mean joke but who hasn't done it back to their older sister.

The Struggle Of Her Telling You That You Are "Too Young"

Whether you are 16 or 36, your sister will always use the excuse that you are "too young" to do things.

EX: "You are too young to sit at the adult table"

"You are to young to go out"

"You are too young to have a boyfriend" (meanwhile your 18)

"You are too young to watch this show"

The Struggle Of Constantly Being Jealous Of Her

When you are the younger sister, you will grow up envious of your older sister. I will always remember how jealous I was when she went to the Hillary Duff concert but I was "too young". Also, I'm pretty sure that we have all experienced that jealous moment of when your older sister got to sit at the adult table for the first time.

The Struggle Of Your Parents Mixing Up Your Names

This goes for all sibling whether you are brothers, sisters, or bothers and sisters! The amount of times I've been called my sisters name at home is ridiculous! It even happens on the phone now.

The Struggle Of Her Always Claiming You "Framed" Her

When you are a younger sister you can pretty much get away with anything by blaming your older sister. So it isn't abnormal for your older sister to say that you framed her for cutting your hair and hiding it behind the couch.

The Struggle Of Fighting Over The Remote

No matter how old you get, you and your older sister will constantly fight over the remote. She will claim that because shes older she gets to pick what to watch but you will still argue and try to take her down.

The Struggle Of People Questioning Who Is Older

My ultimate favorite struggle is when people think I am the older sister. It is always funny to play mind games with people but sometimes this might get your older sister frustrated. So, you can always hold these moments against her.

The Struggle Of Loving Them Too Much

Your older sister is someone you will always love too much. She will be your go to, your main, your sister, your BFF, and your shoulder to cry on. Your older sister will always be there for you and my sister has always been someone I looked up to. So this one goes out to all the older sisters out there (especially you Erica), we youngings love you!

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