Students' Graduation Expectations And Their Realities

What students hope will happen vs. harsh reality.
Students' Graduation Expectations And Their Realities

So you're in your last year of university, and cannot wait to enter the real world. No more late night study sessions at the library, downing four cans of Red Bull and sitting through  three hour snooze worth, lectures. It's time to start shopping for something other then beanies and hoodies, and begin investing in fancy pens and a new e-mail address- something that sounds a bit more professional then Not so fast though. While some of you spend much of your time planning for your future in excitement, and some of you never stop to stress about the responsibilities that are coming your way, all of you are forgetting just how competitive the job market is today. Most of you won't end up unemployed, but you definitely won't have your own private office at your most desirable firm. Today, university graduates are more competitive then ever before, fighting and working tremendously hard to land their dream job. Landing a job as a post-grad resembles a real life version of The Hunger Games, struggling to survive in the job market and  fending for the survival of one's professional life. Students' and recent graduates' expectations are soaring, and the realities may not be ever in their favor.

Check out some of the most common post graduation expectations and their realities:

Expectation: I'm going to spend my weekends at classy parties, drinking expensive red wine and networking with other prestigious company leaders.

Reality: You're the guy or girl that is picking up the empty wine glasses, relying on tips from one of your two part- time jobs.

Expectation: I'm going to move out into a trendy apartment downtown.

Reality: You sublet an apartment with three other roommates, and it smells like weed almost half of the time.

Expectation: I'm going to be able to spend money and invest in a new car.

Reality: Yeah... I think I'll stick with my Opus card

Expectation: I'm going to spend my lunch hour at chic restaurants downtown.

Reality: Everyone brings Lean Cuisine from home. Alternatively, Subway is just around the corner, and you might as well rack up the points on your customer rewards point card.

Expectation: I'm going to look so professional in my new work attire.

Reality: You only own two dress shirts, and alternate between them whenever necessary. You've also found a new way to comb your hair back so that you can save time by not having to shower every so often.

Expectation: I'm going to take some work home tonight and do some further online research regarding a new project.

Reality: Anytime you open your computer, your browser somehow magically redirects you to YouTube and you find yourself spending hours watching videos of cats being cute.

Expectation: I'm going to wake up early and grab a coffee before work.

Reality: You roll out of bed at 8:25 am with a dreadful hangover and five minutes to catch the last express bus.

Expectation: 24 year olds that live with their parents are losers

Reality: You still love and take advantage of waking up on the weekends and letting your mom prepare your favorite breakfast while she finishes doing your laundry.

While it blows not meeting your expectations with your realities, one thing worth keeping in mind is that the transition from being a student to becoming a part of the work force takes time. Not everyone lands their most desired job straight out of university. Are these realities really so bad? Or are the expectations of today's students simply set too high? Let us know with your comments!

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