Studies Show Montreal's Weather Is Going To Get More Extreme Than Ever Before

You may have noticed that this winter has been pretty unusual.

In the past we've seen worse storms and colder weather, but we've never had weather patterns as extreme as the ones we've seen this season.

The good news is we're not crazy, something is severely wrong with the weather. The bad news is that it's only going to get worse.

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According to experts, the meteorological conditions in Quebec are going to get more extreme and it's going to be causing some unusual weather phenomenons.

And so far it looks like they're right.

This year in Montreal, we've had record breaking cold, followed by record breaking heat, flooding, more cold, back-to-back-to-back snowstorms, and a mini ice storm to top it all off. Over the next few years these conditions are expected to be more amplified and more intense.

And it's not just in the winter. As you may remember, this summer we had several tornado warnings, which is the kind of thing that rarely happens in Montreal. We even had a few destructive microburts.

Concordia researchers found that The Montreal region’s climate will continue to change at a faster, more intense rate”.

So you'd better start getting used to this kind of weather because this will pretty much be the new norm from now on.

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