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Study Shows Having A Hamster In Your Tinder Picture Will Get You 351% More Messages

Coming next week: hamster sales skyrocket!
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Study Shows Having A Hamster In Your Tinder Picture Will Get You 351% More Messages

At some point or another, most singles have had some form of online dating profile. Don't front, okay? Even if you had your Tinder profile for like two seconds, you still swiped a few times, don't lie. 

When creating a Tinder profile you need to expertly curate each and every picture along with a bio and sometimes, height stats. It's a frustrating and annoying process because if you're serious about finding someone on the app, everything needs to be perfect. And sometimes, even if you think your profile is top notch, you won't get any likes or replies. So, what gives? 

Have you tried having a hamster in your profile picture? Yes, that's right. A hamster. In a world where every little thing counts towards your potential attractiveness, the hamster hack could be your one-way ticket to a lifetime of love (or sex, no judgement).

According to research conducted by Zoosk and, having a hamster in your profile pic increases your chance of getting a reply by 351%! Who would've guessed that? 

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TL;DR According to new research, having a hamster in your online dating profile pic can increase your chances of getting a reply by 351%. This research also indicates that having animals in your pictures, regardless of species, can increase your chances between 109% and 300%.

[rebelmouse-image 26893272 photo_credit="Zoosk x Askmen" expand=1 original_size="800x1135"] Zoosk x Askmen

With all the dating advice out there telling us to "be ourselves" or "show your fun side", maybe what we should all be using our furry friends to our advantage instead. The research pulled over 15 million photos from both men and women and found that animals in pictures make a significant difference to your dating success. 

Since most people already think a dog or cat will increase their chances, it seems that the greater public is kind of over it. Hamsters are apparently the latest animal online dating trend that is sweeping the nation. 

Research shows that hamsters increase your chances to get a reply by 351%! Sheep, elephants, horses, and rabbits round out the top five. Unsurprisingly, goldfish, snakes, and lizards aren't super successful when it comes to online dating profiles. Still, though, reptiles are better than nothing! 

Even if you don't have a ton of pictures with your critter, mentioning them is also effective. Mentioning the fact that you have a snake increases your chances to get a reply by 186%. Not that snake, bud.

The more common animals like dogs and cats aren't as successful when they're just mentioned. Dog mentions give you a 13% advantage while cats will drop your likelihood by 23%. Tough luck if you own a bird, as message volume decreases by 100% if you mention one. 

After watching that video, there's no surprise that hamsters get such success on online dating profiles. I mean, would you just look at its tiny cheeks!!

Feel free to put this research to the test when you're trying to curate your dating profile. There's no guarantee that you'll see results but who knows, anything helps! It's hard out there for singles these days.

And if you already have a hamster in your picture and still aren't getting responses...well, I'm sorry but it might be you. 

Stay tuned for the hamster sales stats that will inevitably increase in the coming weeks.


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