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You'll Die Younger If You Live In These Montreal Neighborhoods

Hopefully yours isn't on the list
You'll Die Younger If You Live In These Montreal Neighborhoods

Montreal, like most cities is riddled with social inequality.

The most obvious indicator of this situation is the fact that 1 in 3 people on the island live in unfavorable conditions and yet this weekend, the city is spending millions of dollars to host an exclusive event for the rich and famous.

And things are getting worse. 

People living in these unfavorable conditions have higher health risks, higher rates of obesity, they're more likely to smoke and they tend to die younger.

People who live in Lac Saint-Louis for example, will live on average 8 years longer than someone who lives in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.

The study ranked Montreal's neighborhoods based on 2 criteria: material and social.

The material aspect includes quality of schooling, employment and revenue. And the social aspect dealt with family structure, matrimonial status and single parent households.

These were the 5 worst materially defavorable neighborhoods:

These were the 5 worst socially defavorable neighborhoods:

Finally, these neighborhoods scored worst overall in both categories:

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