Stylish Gear & Cold Beer w/ Frank & Oak

Stylish Gear & Cold Beer w/ Frank & Oak

Photos taken by Grant Cabrales

Although the heat has yet to invade Montreal this summer, its imposition is near.

With the scorching sun and heavy humidity, we'll most likely be inclined to keep the fabric minimal when pulling out closet items.

However, along with sustaining a cool comfort level, keeping it classy with a stylish ensemble is just as essential. Frank & Oak's June collection for men is perfect for putting together a trendy and lightweight outfit this summer.  Inspired by the anticipation of the sweltering summer sun in the Mediterranean, the collection was enthused by the excitement of summer's adventure and celebration.

When Montreal meets summer, it witnesses a surreal setting of bright skies, freckled faces and long nights. There's a certain vibe in the city, and if you've ever spent a summer in Montreal, you know all about the buzz. Matching that feeling with its look is important, and with Frank & Oak's extensive line of fabrics, soft colors and fresh patterns, the city will not only feel, but also appear bustling.

Although this past week hasn't exactly seen summer, our model got the chance to pose in some of Frank & Oak's stylish shirts. We picked up a six pack of brews and celebrated the anticipation of Montreal's long awaited summer.

Check out our model sporting some of the stylish pieces of Frank & Oak's  June collection.

(1) Seaport Short-Sleeve in Light Denim

This classic short- sleeve button down is made for summer. It's calm color and casual texture screams 5 à 7 vibes on The Main or Crescent street's popular terraces.

(2) Shoreline Striped Tee in Cranberry

It's bold color yet untailored shape is perfect for any MTL dude who's not afraid of standing out. Sport this bright tee at the top of the mountain on Sunday afternoon's Tams and relax in its thin cotton fabric.

(3) Edgar Striped Oxford in Pine

For dressier events, this shirt's soft shade gives off a West Coast vibe and is made of super soft washed cotton.

Visit Frank & Oaks via their online store for more!