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Succulent Christmas Trees Are The New Holiday Trend (Photos)

The most adorable Xmas trees ever!
Succulent Christmas Trees Are The New Holiday Trend (Photos)

Earlier this weeka photo went viral on reddit that our staff hasn't been able to stop talking about. So naturally I figured the rest of you guys would be highly interested in learning about it's existence. 

It's the most adorable new trend taking over the internet, and you are most definitely going to want one of these during the holiday season. 

Live succulent Christmas trees. 

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Anyone can throw a few lights and ornaments onto a pine tree, but creating one of these succulent trees is a labor of love. 

This one took an entire day to put together:

Here are some more we found on Instagram:

via @debralbaldwin

via @succulentkim

via @livingbunch_hire

via @misssymphonyrose

via @houseplants_27

via @watsonsgreenhouse

via @ameliachai

via @rileys_oasis

And here's a handy tutorial if you want to learn how to make you own.

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