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Sugar Sammy Takes Selfie With Pauline Marois

What a cute couple.

Sugar Sammy was on the popular talk show Tout Le Monde En Parle on Sunday night, but he wasn't the only guest that night. The Montreal based comedian had the honor of sharing the stage with none other than Madame Pauline Marois.

Sugar Sammy isn't exactly the biggest supporter of Pauline or the sovereignty movement, and according to Journal De Montreal, he even receives death threats and requires police escorts when he performs in Sherbrooke. When asked what he thought about Pauline Marois he said he thought she made a good effort to speak English and that he likes her Ferrari, referring to that time she was spotted cruising around.

To commemorate the event, the happy couple snapped a selfie and posted it on Instagram last night. We're not sure if Pauline is attempting to pucker up to make a 'kissy face', or just an abundance of mouth wrinkles, but either way, a photo like this is priceless.

A photo posted by Sugar Sammy (@sugarsammyk) on

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