Sugar Sammy's New Ad In The Montreal Metro Says All He Wants For Christmas Is A Complaint By The OQLF

Photo cred - François Côté

Sugar Sammy is playing with fire in the Montreal's metro system. For real, while we simply LOVE his not-so-subtle satire on the actions of the OQLF, better known as the Language Police, we don't know if it's gonna work out too well for the Montreal comedian. I mean, this is the government office behind Pastagate, and if they get miff'd over a menu, Loki only knows what they'll do when the see this advertisement.

Asking for an OQLF complaint for Xmas may have been a bad move, as one Montrealer is making sure Sammy's wish comes true. Taking matters into his own hands François Côté if fulfilling his 'civic duty' and is asking everyone on Facebook to report the comedian to the OQLF, while providing a small rant and appropriate links. You have to give the guy some cred for initiative. After you tell him to calm down, relax, and buy a sense of humour somewhere, of course.

See the post and the shitstorm of comments that followed right here. Be sure to add your own sassy two cents folks! Also be sure to get a gander at the ad in the metro before they're all removed, which seems kinda inevitable.

Photo cred - major tom

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Special thanks to Shawn Bates for the tip. ;)