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Summer 2017 Hat, Sunglasses, Romper, And Shoe Trends To Look Out For

Fresh from head to toe.
Summer 2017 Hat, Sunglasses, Romper, And Shoe Trends To Look Out For

Alright, guys, we did it. We made it through some pretty sketchy weather, and here we are, firmly in summer 2017 and all the sunshine and happiness that comes along with it.

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Seeing as it is finally summer weather, it's also finally time for us to put away the jackets and bask in the heat/glorious fashion trends that come with the summertime! I know, I know, I'm excited, too.

Have no clue what to wear this summer, though? Well, no worries at all. I've been doing some digging to figure out exactly what I need to be wearing this summer, and I've decided to help all of you guys out, too. Spoiler alert: summer 2017 is shaping up to look retro AF.

Hats 👒

Rompers 👗

Shoes 👟

For Hats, click "Next"


Straw hats


Floppy straw hats are perfect for the beach, chilling at Park Lafontaine, or doing pretty much any and everything.

Buy here

Baseball caps

via @tennissaf_

Honestly, baseball caps have never gone out of style - and chances are, they never will. Everything from snapbacks to the classic, small-brimmed hat will continue to be huge in 2017, so you can protect yourself from the sun in style.

Buy here

Message hats

via @bepinecomplevents

Because communicating through your headwear is super Instagrammable, guys.

Buy here

For Sunglasses, click "Next"



via @flipflop_glasses

There's a reason why these classic shades will never go out of style: they're cool, stunning, understated, and tend to fit everyone.

Buy here

Clubmaster sunglasses

via @seejaywest

Yes, your friend owns a pair of these. Yes, your neighbour owns a pair of these. Yes, I own a pair of these. But it doesn't matter how popular they are: they look good on everyone, and they're a super smart sunglasses investment.

Buy here

Round glasses

via @settlesubtle

There's something super vintage about these shades, and it goes super well with the whole retro vibe overtaking summer 2017.

Buy here

For Rompers, click "Next"


Male rompers

via @bossipofficial

I'm not even sorry.

Check out the Kickstarter here

Off-the-shoulder rompers

via @shopthemint

The whole off the shoulder look is going to be huge in 2017. Why stop at a shirt or a dress, though, when you can take it one step further and own a gorgeous off the shoulder romper?

Buy here

Romper dress

via @happilyeveraften.ginger

Just like wearing a dress, but 100% more freeing.

Buy here

For Shoes, click "Next"



via @kinkykenisha

Alright, guys, think back. Way back. Decades back. Is there ever a time you can remember when platform shoes weren't in? Didn't think so. They're set to make a huge comeback in 2017, appearing on heels, sandals, sneakers, and pretty much any shoe you could think of.

Buy here


via @shopological

In the words of my personal idol, Nicki Minaj, "pink Ferragamo sliders on deck."

Buy here

Mesh sneakers

via @bambinis218emainst

Alright, maybe it's me, but I feel like the huge mesh/knit sneaker trend lately is a testament to Kanye West's influence on the fashion world. Disagree with me. Go ahead. I don't even care.

Seriously, though, you can find mesh sneakers pretty much everywhere, for both men and women, and in pretty much any brand; so you just know they're going to hit summer 2017 super hard.

Buy here

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