Summer Feels Like It's 514 Days Away And I Don't Know How I'm Going To Make It

Reflecting on what it's like to live in Montreal during the winter.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love the winter. But even I have had just about enough of this shit.

Is it just me, or has the weather been an asshole this year? Seriously, it's acting like we owe it money or something.

The snow started falling November 21st, and since then we've had 5 major snowfalls, 3 snowstorms and 3 ice rains warnings, and it's only January!

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That means we have more than 2 months left until the first day of Spring. And it's not like winter suddenly goes away on March 20th, the cold and snow usually stick around until at least the end of April.

If that wasn't bad enough, statistically March is actually the worst month for snow storms.

More than half of all the major 24 hour snowstorms in Montreal since 1898 have happened in (you guessed it) March. In 2001 we saw 50 cm of snow in one day!

Sure, today isn't so bad if you don't mind the rain, but it's going to seriously suck tomorrow when all that rain and melted snow turns to ice. I'm calling it right now, on Friday morning, Montreal will be turned into a giant ice rink.

As for the long-term forecast, things aren't looking so good on that front either. Here are the week to week predictions from the Old Farmer's Almanac:

  • Jan 19-27: Rain to snow, then flurries, cold.
  • Jan 28-31: Blizzard, then flurries, very cold.

That's means we'll probably be seeing a blizzard (Not a snowstorm, a goddamn blizzard!) in Montreal before the end of the month.

February isn't looking so great either. Temperatures will average -11°C, which is 3°C less than the average, and precipitation levels will be twice as high as normal.

At this point it really feels like summer will never be here. And I'm gonna be honest, even it does get here eventually, I don't I'm gonna make it.

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