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Summer Is Officially Cancelled In Montreal

A controversial decision from city hall.
Summer Is Officially Cancelled In Montreal

A raven delivered a scroll from City Hall this morning (yes, we were surpised as well). It seems that Mayor Denis Coderre has decided to officially cancel summer in Montreal this year.

Apparently the city overspent on the 375th birthday of celebrations, so now we don't have enough money left over to have a real summer. 

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After much debate, the Mayor decided that the summertime causes too many problems for Montreal. With all the festivals, outdoors concerts, block parties and sidewalk sales, the streets are going to be filthy. But if it's constantly raining, then everyone will stay indoors and the city will stay nice and clean. 

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But don't worry, because summer was canceled with you in mind as well. Montreal is gifting every citizen with hundreds of dollars in savings. Think about it, since you probably won't need to turn on your air conditioner this summer, you'll save a ton of money on your hydro bill.

We went out in the streets and asked people what they thought about the controversial decision:

  • Although I enjoy saving money, the Mayor may have overreacted - A concerned citizen who was wearing a vintage Celine Dion T-shirt. 

  • I didn't realize the Mayor was a wizard who had the ability control the weather. - The Tim Horton's employee who made my coffee.

  • I don't mind the rain - A Talking Fish.

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