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Now Is The Time For Montrealers To Find The Best Summer Jobs & Here Are Some Available Now

It's never too early to start planning!
Now Is The Time For Montrealers To Find The Best Summer Jobs & Here Are Some Available Now
  • MTL Blog has decided to make a list of potential summer jobs in Canada for the people who like to plan their life out early on.
  • The best part of each job on this list is that you get the opportunity to work outside!
  • Check out potential job options for summer 2020 below!

There are a million reasons to look into summer jobs early on. Maybe you're a teacher and want to make some extra bank during your months off. Or you're a student who's summer internship is unpaid, so you know you'll need to compensate by getting another job. Or summer is your time to save money so that you can chill during the rest of the year. Whatever your reason, MTL Blog has got you covered with ideas for summer jobs in Canada.

With the cold weather that we're currently experiencing, we all can't help but dream of warmer days. And honestly, with warmer weather comes cooler job opportunities.

This list of summer jobs ranges from working in an amusement park to travelling to different Canadian provinces to work on a farm or plant trees. Although the jobs vary, what all the ones I've listed have in common is the fact that you get to work outside! Since we only get warm weather for 3 or 4 months in Canada, working outside during the summer is the best way to take advantage of such.

So, without further or do, here are some options of summer job opportunities around Canada that Montrealers can apply for!

Become Part Of The La Ronde Staff

Working for La Ronde seems like something most Montrealers have done at least once in their life. From what I've heard, it's an awesome place to work with a lot of opportunities to move up and get raises if you work there for more than one summer.

There are numerous job opportunities here that don't require past experiences, ranging from cashier to ride operator to kitchen staff. The season begins in early May and goes until October.

Apply for a seasonal job at La Ronde here!

Work For The City Of Montreal 

Ville de Montréal

What better way to spend a summer in Montreal than working for the city? Luckily for us Montrealers, working for the City of Montreal often means making some good money.

The city offers numerous internships in the summer that are perfect for students, which will also look great on a resume. Jobs with the city range from working in parks to being a traffic director. Needless to say, there's something for everyone!

You can make an application account here.

Work On A Canadian Farm

There are so many benefits to spending a summer working on a farm. 1 - You get to spend your summer outside. 2 - You have the possibility of exploring different Canadian provinces. 3 - You can make a ton of money in a few short months. 4 - Most farm jobs don't require prior experience.

All you have to decide is whether you want to work on a farm here in Quebec or venture out to the west coast!

If you're wondering what farm opportunities there are across the country, take a look here!

Work At One Of Montreal's Many Festivals

Montreal Jazz Fest

Working at a festival is a great way to make money quickly, while also getting a fun experience out of it. And what is something Montreal is filled with during the summer? Festivals! So, I've found the links to apply to Osheaga, POP Montreal, Just For Laughs, and the Jazz Festival.

If you're into music, working for POP Montreal is the perfect way to spend your summer! All job opportunities will eventually be posted in the festival's newsletter, so make sure to sign up for it. You can also send your CV to if you want to get the ball rolling.

You can sign up for Osheaga's newsletter here to be the first to know when the festival's job opportunities are released!

Like comedy? Apply to Just For Laughs, either on the website or by sending your CV to

If you're into jazz and would like to be part of the Montreal's Jazz Festival, take a look at the job opportunities here!

Become A Brand Ambassador 


This is a perfect job opportunity all year round if you can only work on the weekends, but you can make it a full-time thing in the summer! Basically, being a Brand Ambassador means representing the company you're hired by and helping raise awareness of its brand.

Check out the list of Brand Ambassador job opportunities in Montreal here!

Be A Tree Planter 

Just like working on a Canadian farm, becoming a tree planter allows you to travel the country if you choose to! Although this is known for being a difficult job, it comes with many benefits. For example, you can make up to $12,000 within 2 months, so it's definitely worth the hard work.

There are numerous tree charities you can work for, like Tree Canada, One Tree Planted, and Replant. Check them out!

Summer may feel far away right now, but it comes quickly, so get to planning!

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