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Summer Jobs You Can Get In Montreal's West Island Right Now

Finishing your last exam of the school year is a moment unparalleled by most others. You go through various stages of joy, excitement, and even hysteria, until it hits you: you still haven't found a summer job. If life were a Family Channel show for tweens, this would be the moment where all of your visions of summer fun begin disappearing over your head into a poof of colourful smoke as you fall to your knees and cry out an exasperated "NOOOOOOO" to the sky.

The struggles of finding a summer job, let alone finding one in the West, are very real. With limited options and a high volume of young people applying for all of the same jobs in the same places, the stress of looking for work can sometimes overshadow the joys of being off school. Thankfully for you guys, we've got your back for making this process as smooth and quick as possible. Here's your one-stop-shop for summer jobs around the West Island:

1. Lifeguarding

Whether you're an A.L.P.S. kid or N.A.A. born and raised like myself (SBK girl 4eva!), it's no secret that the West Island is swarming with swimmers. This has lead to a lot of outdoor pools in the area, which is great for anyone over 16 who's certified and looking for work! Click here for a complete list of A.L.P.S. pools and here for the N.A.A.

2. Golf Course Employee

Ile Bizard, a place that has its own unique people, culture, and eco-system – literally life-threateningly huge mosquitoes everywhere – is also home to three of Montreal's most prestigious private and semi-private golf clubs. With the sheer magnitude of these courses, running them takes a small village. If you're interested in potentially working outside or getting buddy-buddy with some of the local bourgeoisie, check out The Royal Montreal, Elm Ridge, or Saint Raphaël.

3. Movie Clerk at the Colisée

The Colisée is one of those West Island staples that everyone has experienced in some capacity. From high schoolers who hang out there on Friday nights (usually not to watch movies) to the senior population catching a matinée, Kirkland's prized possession sees every West Island people from every walk of life in a given week. Besides being one of the main spots to watch the latest blockbuster, it's also home to some of the most jobs for anyone looking to make a little cheese this summer. Here's where to go to do just that.

4. Retail at Fairview

Ah, Fairview. The mall that has inspired a love/hate relationship with its clientele since its inception. Even though its hallways and stores are always full, you'll never mention the place to another West Islander without hearing at least a couple of complaints about it. Yes, you will see almost everyone you knew from high school when you go inside. And yes, it is home to those creepers we all love to hate (i.e. the bus terminus dwellers). But if you think you can see past these minor annoyances, there's a job in it for you here.

5. Ice Cream Scooper

Summer just wouldn't be summer without the fattening, non-lactose-intolerant-friendly deliciousness known as ice cream. I know that I alone probably purchase enough of the stuff to pay someone's entire wage for the summer! If you want a job where the clientele will always be nice to you (since you're the keeper of the foodgasms), and where you might even get to cop a scoop every now and again, the West Island's got a range of places looking to hire. From the homemade, more artisanal style of Wild Willy's to the big-chain appeal of Dairy Queen, the opportunities are endless!

6. Day-Camp Counsellor

With the Sun and warmth of summer also comes the end of school, which means parents across the West Island are looking for a place to harbour their little ones from 9 to 5. If you're looking for a job where you can basically be an overgrown child, and even work on your tan while you're at it, look no further than DDO Day Camp! Contact them here for hiring information.

7. Student Painter

I'm sure most, if not all of you, have seen the signs posted on every major boulevard and front lawn around the West. The student painting takeover is now upon us, and the only way to benefit personally from it is to make a few bucks while it's happening. You can apply here.

8. Waiter

Minimum wage. While it's not a liveable wage for most people, and definitely leaves something to be desired, for many students it's just the reality of what you can earn. One lifehack that many twenty-somethings have figured out, however, is that working for tips can be very lucrative (especially if you're working a terrace during the summer!). Here's a list of West Island restaurants you can apply to now.

9. Barista

Frappuccinos are pretty much synonymous with summer. And although the enjoyment of the drink itself is usually all that's on the mind when you think about it, let's not forget about the amazing human who made it to its sweet, icy, whipped-creamy perfection! Join their ranks, here.

10. Municipal Worker

The path to success is paved with a good network. One way to start developing yours is by getting in with your local mayor and his posse. From Dollard to Beaconsfield, jobs are waiting just for you!

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