Summer Weather In Canada Has Been Postponed, According To The Weather Network

Below-seasonal temperatures are going to continue all through May.
Summer Weather In Canada Has Been Postponed, According To The Weather Network

Just so you know, we don't enjoy being the bearers of bad news... but according to The Weather Network, summer weather has been postponed for Montreal... so don't bust out your picnic blanket just yet.

While this weekend we can expect sun in Montreal and temperatures in the mid-teens, the first two weeks of May are looking like more of the same weather we've seen in these last couple weeks of April: cold, rainy and miserable. 

The Weather Network

The temperature map, seen above, shows "temperature anomalies" across the country for the end of April. The shades of blue and green show "colder-than-normal" temperatures that were seen nationwide. 

The Weather Network is now anticipating that these low temperatures are going to continue into the first two weeks of May, as well. 

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The Weather Network

The map above, shared by The Weather Network, shows that much of Canada will be shrouded in below-seasonal temperatures for the next two weeks, at least. 

In addition to these below-seasonal temperatures, because we are just next to "summer-like warmth" to the south, The Weather Network is warning that Canadians will continue to see an "active storm track" with "above normal rainfall" in most provinces east of Manitoba.

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Areas that have already been devastated by flooding are at risk of even further inundation as more rain is expected, particularly in Ontario and Quebec.

The Weather Network also makes mention of the worry farmers are currently facing when it comes to planting crops on time, while many fields are still looking like mini lakes. 

While other years that have displayed below-average temperatures in early May show a reversal near the end of the month, The Weather Network is not hopeful that we'll see that change this year. All signs point to these terrible patterns continuing through May, and even into early June.

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