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Sunny Spring Weather And Double-Digit Temperatures Are Coming To Montreal This Weekend

Warm AND sunny? Give me more!
Sunny Spring Weather And Double-Digit Temperatures Are Coming To Montreal This Weekend

You might have noticed a few flakes of snow falling this morning. You might also be really hecking fed up with said snow. You might even be considering booking a flight heading south and only coming back once the aforementionned snow has melted.

Before making any rash decisions, listen to this: the weather this weekend in Montreal is going to be amazing. It's going to be warm, sunny, and in the positives all. weekend. long.

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TL;DR The weather this weekend is going to be amazing in Montreal. Here's to hoping that it melts the last of the snow.

According to the Weather Network, this weekend is going to be super warm and sunny.

Though we will be off to a rocky start with a little rain Friday evening, the weather will remain in the positives from Friday through Sunday.

On Saturday, there is a predicted high of ten degrees. And, on Sunday, the mercury will climb up to fourteen degrees (!!).

If that isn't motivation to start prepping your backyard or balcony for the summer, I don't know what is.

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It is going to be not only warm, but also sunny this weekend. Chances of precipitation are low, with a 10% chance of precipitation on Saturday and a 20% chance of precipitation on Sunday.

So hold tight, Montreal. Spring really is on its way.

It may not be time to pull out those shorts just yet, but we're getting there.


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