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Montreal "Superheroes" Will Be Rappelling Down The 1981 McGill College Building Tomorrow

Scale down skyscrapers while clad in spandex, just like Spider-Man, for one day in Montreal. Anyone can become an MTL-superhero, in action and in intent, during the annual Drop Zone, a combo charity and extreme sports event happening in Montreal on September 24th.

Raise funds for the Quebec Society for Disabled Children and you may get to shoot down from the rooftop of the 1981 McGill College building (map), a 21 floor drop all done on a bungee jump cord.

To be a superhero for a day, you'll need to raise a minimum of $1, 500 dollars in pledges, but just think of that as a hero-filter, as only those who make a difference on the ground can take to the skies and leap like a cape-wearer. Of course, superhero spandex isn't required, but would you pass up your one chance to be like Batman and not wear a crazy costume?

An annual event now entering its 10th edition, the Drop Zone event by the Quebec Society for Disabled Children will be held on September 24th. For more info on the event and how you can participate, head over to the official event listing here.

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