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Supermoon Over Montreal This Weekend

And we know the best spots for you to see it.
Supermoon Over Montreal This Weekend

Saturday night is going to be even more awesome than usual in Montreal. According to Planetarium's astronomers there is going to be a Supermoon on August 29th 2015 and that can only mean one thing, werewolves.

Okay so that might not be true but full moons actually do cause unusual changes in human behavior. Scientists even refer to it as Lunar Lunacy. They can also make a difference in the tides and can even cause flooding in certain areas.

Supermoons occur when the moon's orbit brings it closer to the earth. This weekend, the moon will be 14% closer than it normally is so it will appear to be significantly bigger and brighter.

The further you get from the city the better you'll be able to see it. But in case you're stuck here and you still want to see it

Here are a few vantage point suggestion in the city.

Here are some the best spots to star gaze outside of Montreal. (French only)


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