11 Great Spots To Take A Date To In Montreal If They Love Sushi

A spot for every kind of date.
11 Great Spots To Take A Date To In Montreal If They Love Sushi

Few foods are quite as beloved as sushi. Sure, some people may be grossed out by the idea of eating rolled up raw fish in rice and seaweed, but after one bite they usually change their tune.

And since sushi is such a widely loved food, we know tons of you probably pitch sushi as a date idea when you're in need of dinner plans. No matter if it's your first date or your 200th, sushi is always a good call, because it's simply delicious.

But finding amazing sushi joints can be kind of a struggle in this city. So lets take any guesswork out of the equation and head to these sushi spots, each one a great date idea for their own unique reason.

Saint Sushi Bar

424 Duluth E

Hands down, this is probably my favourite sushi spot in Montreal, and especially for a date. Saint Sushi has a decent decor and ambiance that balances intimate and friendly (which can take some of the stress out of a first date), but really, it's all about the food here. Not your typical sushi joint, Saint Sushi creates some very unique rolls that are altogether sublime. Go for the tasting menu and let the chefs take you and your date on a flavour journey you won't soon forget.


Sushi Momo

4669 Saint Denis

Recently relocated from Duluth to Saint Denis street, Sushi Momo is Montreal's premiere vegan sushi restaurant. So no, you won't find any fish, which may be it's best selling point. If you're date is vegan (or simply isn't into the idea of eating raw fish) then Sushi Momo's entirely fish-and-meat-less menu is the perfect venue for your sushi date. No doubt they'll appreciate you making the effort to appease their dietary needs, too.


Maïko Sushi

387 Bernard

Nothing is more of a classic gift to open one's date than a bouquet of roses, or any other flower. And since every man or woman appreciates getting flowers, it stands to reason that they enjoy eating them too, right? Okay, maybe not quite, but don't think I'm talking about eating actual flowers, rather, you can enjoy "sashimi bouquets" at Maïko Sushi. Perhaps the most romantic way to enjoy great sashimi, Maïko Sushi's array of edible flowers will wow your eyes and taste buds. Pair the sashimi bouquet with an actual bouquet of flowers and you've created the most romantic sushi-date theme possible.


Jardin Iwaki

5887 Sherbrooke W

Plan ahead if you want to take your date to Jardin Iwaki, because this small, cozy, and intimate Japanese restaurant in NDG can only house so many guests, so be sure to make a reservation. The extra effort is well worth it, as Jardin Iwaki's set dinner menu is a seven course affair, with soup, salad, grilled meats, sashimi, and (of course) sushi included. Dinner may take a bit longer than normal given the many courses, but that just gives you and your date more time to chat and get to know each other, which is what a date is all about.


Kinka Izakaya

1624 Sainte Catherine W

Sushi may only be a small part of the menu at this Japanese gastro-pub, but that doesn't mean the sushi at Kinka Izakaya isn't straight up delicious. Besides, all the variety on Kinka Izakaya's menu is definitely a strong suit, as you and your date can explore Japanese pub food outside of "just sushi." If you're not quite sure what to order, go with the tasting menu, and let the dishes come to you in this lively date spot perfect before a night out.


Sushi Palace (Nun's Island)

8 Place du Commerce

Sometimes, all a couple really wants is a massive amount of food to gorge upon together. Me and my man do it on the regular (usually on days we're hungover), becase we love to eat and love each other, so why not fuse the two to the epitome of excess? Enter Sushi Palace, the best spot to consume mass amounts of delicious sushi. Now, there are other Sushi Palaces in Montreal, and many other all-you-can-eat sushi spots, but in my opinion, the Nun's Island location is the best bang for your buck. No low quality rolls here, as every piece of sushi is delicious. Beware, sushi comas are almost a guarantee, so be sure to plan in a combo-couple nap-snuggle for afterwards.


Kazumi Sushi Lounge

6394 Sherbrooke E

Out in Hochelaga, if you're in need of an intimate sushi spot then Kazumi Sushi Lounge is the answer. Boasting a serious sushi list, all of which are quite delectable, you can order rolls at your leisure at Kazumi. But to make the most out of your sushi date, leave your dinner choices up to the chefs and order a pre-set "Omakase" menu. You might not be exactly certain what you'll be getting, but an air of mystery always adds a bit of dynamism to a date. Besides, the plating alone makes everything at Kazumi look amazing anyway.



4820 Jean Talon W

There are more than a few food options to enjoy on Jean-Talon West, and in all honesty, you might miss this sushi spot when cruising down the stretch. Keep your eyes peeled, however, because Kodimoto may be somewhat unassuming from the outside, but they definitely deliver when it comes to dinner. Outfitted with a modern decor, paired with a unique sushi menu that pays respect to tradition, Kodimoto makes for a solid dining experience. No matter whether you and your date like more simplistic rolls or crazier sushi fare, Kodimoto will satiate your sushi needs.


IZU Sushi

921 Rachel E

Every couple knows that some nights, you really don't want to leave your house. And on those same nights, when your lazy-levels are far too strong to resist, you don't want to cook or anything. What you really want is great sushi brought right to your door. That's what IZU Sushi is here for. All about delivery, IZU Sushi lets you have any type of roll your might get a restaurant in the comfort of your own home. Place an order, queue of Jessica Jones on Netflix, and enjoy the ecstasy that is sushi all alone with your bae.


Mikado (Laurier)

399 Laurier

To get a little bit fancy on your sushi date, Mikado's Laurier is an ideal idea. In operation for over thirty years, Mikado definitely has the experience to match their prices, which are a tad bit more expensive than some other joints, but it's well worth the extra few dollars. Of course, there are Monkland and Saint Denis Mikado locations, but I'm more of a fan of the ambiance you get at the Laurier location.


Park Restaurant

378 Victoria

Here it is, people, the be all end all sushi date spot, the one and only Park Restaurant. Headed by celebrity Chef Antonio Park, this Westmount resto is the epitome of sushi luxury in Montreal. The highest of quality in every regard, from the fish to preparation, any date will adore you for taking them to Park Restaurant. It's pretty much a date-night trump card. Of course, you're going to pay for all the awesomeness that is Park, but don't even think about skimping on your orders or cutting corners to save cash. When you dine at Park, you need to have the "go big or go home" mentality, because it truly is Montreal's finest Japanese cuisine.


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