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Swarms Of Biting Ladybugs Are Infesting Canada

Warning: do not squish them.
Swarms Of Biting Ladybugs Are Infesting Canada

There are some bugs that seem so beautiful and sweet – like butterflies, caterpillars, and even ladiebugs. From afar and even solo they are great to spot, but up close, and especially when there are swarms of them, they can be absolutely horrifying! 

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As winter approaches and many of us stay inside for warmth and comfort, unfortunately so do the bugs – yuck. 

Keep an eye out for the lady bug, as they tend to head indoors during September-November. The Lady Asian Beetle, specificallym is becoming a major issue in Canada this fall. 

Once you spot one, be on the lookout for many because they tend to appear in large numbers and can quickly infest your home. 

Via Holperspest

You might think ladiebugs are just beautiful to look at and innocent, but they're actually annoying pests. They tend to leave intense unpleasant odors either when they're killed or even when they're afraid of being killed.

Last year, New Brunswick residents grapled with major ladybug infestations.

This odor comes from a liquid they secrete and leaves stains and marks on your nice furniture. 

Don't get too close to these insects either because they bite – ouch! The next time you have a red mark on your skin don't blame it on a spider, because it could be from a ladybug. 

Unlike flies, these bugs can last up to 3 years! That's a long time for pesky bugs to be living in your house. 

How you can prevent ladybugs from infesting your home: 

  • Seal any cracks along the baseboards, windows or door frames 
  • Have good ventilation- these bugs prefer moisture/humidity
  • Close your blinds- these bugs are attracted to areas with lots of sunlight

Even though these bugs might be a nuissance, at least they're not dangerous or life threatening! 

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