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Sweet Lee's Rustic Bakery Is Old Fashioned Food At Its Finest

Modernly rustic is the best way I can describe Sweet Lee's bakery. Walking in feels like stepping through a time-warp where you're instantly transported to an old fashioned bakery of yore. Quaint, cute, and inviting, the décor of Sweet Lee's embodies the traditional baking methods and natural ingredients used in all of Sweet Lee's delicious creations. Despite Sweet Lee's old fashioned feel, the baked goods made at the St. Henri bakery are full of fresh and exciting flavours which I'm sure will please young and old tastes alike.

A well rounded bakery, Sweet Lee's offers a variety of savory options. Loaves, rolls, and other standards are baked fresh daily, as are some of Sweet Lee's more interesting savoury concoctions. A favourite is the savoury scone, which acts as a very good meal on the go. I tasted the bacon with cheese, marinated onions, jalapeno, and herbs scone, which was chock full savoury flavours. Slightly grilled like a panini, the savoury scone is almost like a dense pizza. Chewy (in a good way) with a good balance between sweet and savoury, I couldn't help but think of the savoury scone as a great hangover food.

Cookies are a huge seller at Sweet Lee's, and for good reason. The ingredients and variety of cookies tends to change by season, but Sweet Lee's does have a few staples: Dark Chocolate Chip with Orange, Cranberry White Chocolate Lemon, Blueberry White Chocolate-Lemon, an Espresso Cookie (Roasted Hazelnut this time around), and a shortbread of sorts (Raspberry Ginger Vanilla is pictured). Each cookie is a great mix between soft and crispy, with enough chewiness to make all of the flavours blend but still maintain a solid form. I have to say the Cranber ry White Chocolate Lemon was my personal favourite, a beautiful balance of sweet and sour.

For those looking to snack on some more sophisticated desserts, Sweet Lee's has more than a few fancy treats. The Dark Chocoalte Hazelnut Croissant is flaky, tender, and chock full of chocolate. Taking Toblerone to the next level is the Toblerone Dark Chocolate Fodant, perfectly smooth and rich. Fans of cheesecake won't be disappointed with Sweet Lee's Blueberry-Lemon Shortbread Cheesecake. Balanced by a slightly spiced and crispy crust, the cheesecake is sweet, smooth, and texturally harmonious. Dessert lovers have every option, from simple to complex, covered at Sweet Lee's.

Other than what I tasted, Sweet Lee's makes a ton of other delicacies. Muffins, soups, salads, and seasonal treats (like Autumn's Bacon-Maple Brioche!) are always offered, and can be found in many cafes throughout Montreal that Sweet Lee's supplies. In only a few short months you can find all of these baked goods, and more, in one convenient location, as Sweet Lee's will be opening their own cafe in Verdun, right across from the metro. Until then, make a trip down to Sweet Lee's for old fashioned, down to Earth baking, where they follow the motto 'food is life.'

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