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Sweet Potatoes + Chorizo + Queso Blanco Cheese = The Mexican Poutine

Screw taco night, this is a tastier food delight.
Sweet Potatoes + Chorizo + Queso Blanco Cheese = The Mexican Poutine

A classic poutine is hard to beat, especially when you're craving some comfort, but it's always fun to switch up the poutine toppings for some added flavour flair. When we stumbled upon The Mexican Poutine (thanks to Foodie With Family) we tossed our poutine-regulations to the wind, 'cuz even though they changed all the classic ingredients, this poutine looks magically delicious.

Changing Quebecois to Mexican, the poutine subs in sweet potatoes fries in place of regular white potatoe fries, switches cheese curds for queso blanco (creamy mexican white cheese) and throws some spicy chorizo to meat it up a bit.

A fatal flaw to this recipe is the fact that it doesn't include gravy, which is an affront to God, who obvi loves poutine. The recipe does recommend salsa, but if you're gonna be mackin' on the Mexican poutine, you best be slathering it all in some of the wavy gravy good stuff.

Creating the Mexican Poutine only requires the extra step of cooking the chorizo, everything else goes down just like a regular poutine recipe. Fry/bake your fries (frozen is fine, as they use in the recipe), crumble the queso blanco, add the chorizo + gravy, and devour!

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