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With fall atour finger tips and summer coming to a quick end, why not plan a beautiful and spontaneous day trip so that you don't feel as if you wasted your summer! I know how it feels, with the crappy weather we had this year it seemed impossible to have a bomb ass summer 2017, but there is still hope. Since summer is only technically over September 22nd, we still have a few weeks left to explore. 

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The dumpling barthat just opened in Montreal sure does sound amazing, but this Tartare Bar will bring you to food heaven! Now you may be thinking that something that sounds so amazing is FAR AF, but the truth is that it is less than 1 hour away from Montreal. YES. A short drive away to your new FAV restaurant. 

via @mtlcooks

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When you and your bae are in a long term relationship, you get pretty bored of Montreal and doing the same things over and over again. Instead, you end up watching Netflix and arguing over what you should do. Well, instead of focusing on Montreal, I suggest taking a spontaneous romantic getaway!  

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