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2 chow mein

You've just arrived in Montreal with all your hopes and dreams, a suitcase full of sweaters, tuques and boots, a car or bicycle with perfectly functioning suspension and a healthy appetite. Where should you eat to become a Montrealer, or at least to feel like one?

Montreal has forever been spoiled with restaurants of every possible iteration, from world-class award-winning Montreal restaurants to ultra-affordable spots (and some that do both), from restaurants offering the cuisines of practically every corner of the world to joints specializing in Québécois fare (far beyond poutine). This list is an agonizing attempt to define the most essential Montreal restaurants for a newcomer to get a true feel for local food culture and overall culture.

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City living can be tough on the wallet. But when you've got money smarts on your side, you don't have to compromise your lifestyle or budget to get the best experiences Montreal has to offer.

MTL Blog recently reached out on Instagram to find out where y'all find the best deals on food and fun in the city, and you didn't disappoint!

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I don’t even know why anyone would want to leave Montreal in the first place, but hey YOU! Yes, I am talking to the person who is thinking of leaving this truly amazing city. I am not sure if you ate too many poutines or got stuck in too much traffic because of construction, but you will regret leaving!

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