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adele easy on me

Pandemic restrictions seem to be "Water Under The Bridge" for now, so it's time to say "Hello" to new beginnings. You can make the most of this summer season, starting with an acoustic tribute to Adele happening at the Christ Church Cathedral this week.

Organized by Candelight Concerts, a string quartet will reinvent the UK singer's discography, transforming her most famous tracks into a soothing spectacle taking place in a candlelit atmosphere.

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It's no secret that Adele came to Quebec to film the music video for her recent single, "Easy On Me," at Sutton vineyard Domaine Dumont Chapelle Sainte-Agnès. The property is now on the market for just under $5.5 million for anyone who wants to live like an aristocrat.

Adele is known for choosing lavish sets for her music videos, and Domaine Dumont Chapelle Sainte-Agnès is no exception. The 173-acre property consists of the vineyard and six buildings, including the manor house built in 1846, a chapel, a guest house, and a literal castle with a reception hall. There are a total of 10 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms on the estate.

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Do you ever watch a music video and get so wrapped up that you feel like you're in it? Adele's new music video for "Easy On Me" takes that feeling to another level because it was filmed at a Quebec vineyard.

In fact, it's just an hour and 45 minutes by car from Montreal and — as you can tell from the music video — it's absolutely breathtaking.

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