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When you're looking for an Airbnb near Montreal, you look for the obvious: price, rating and amenities. But you also look for the all-important vibe of the place. 

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I think this happens to be the happiest day of my life! Not only did the Pumpkin Spice Latte come back in to our lives, but I have just found out that in this lovely month of September there will be a HUGE final sale on all cacti and succulents since summer and plant season is coming to an end. The sale will be Tuesday, September 12th and Wednesday, September 13th starting at 5PM! You can bet that I, the self-proclaimed cactus whisperer, will 514% BE THERE. 🌵🌵🌵

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Montreal is filled with hundreds of adorable and aesthetical pleasing coffee shops. However, there is only a handful of them that you absolutely MUST visit at least once in your life. Not only can I assure you some superb service and great coffee, but these coffee shops have a great ambiance and are 514% Instagram worthy.

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